Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Duh... End of the World

I precious every single moment that I have.

Alright, alright.
We all know when the world's gonna end.
Oh my, 2 more days and we all will be DEAD.

I dont believe in this crap at the beginning,
but now,
I precious every single moment that I have.
Who knows, it might be real.

So, when everyone is asking the same question.
"What would you do on the last day on earth?"
"What would you do if the world really ends?"

I wanna ask something different here.
" What would you do the next day, if the world does not end? "

I'll start!
* volunteer *

I will LICK every inches of the floor in my house.
I will SMS my lecturer " Shit, I have to take my finals! ".

Hmmm... That's a lot of things to do in 1 day. (O.o)

Now's your turn.
Comment what you answer & laugh on each other.
* This seems fun *

Of course, I'll clean the floor first.


cleo said...

Dont lick floor, come lick my armpiiittt~

cleo said...
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